ASAM Level 1 & 2.1 Treatment

ASAM Level 1, called Outpatient Services for adolescents and adults, this level of care typically consists of less than 9 hours of service/week for adults, or less than 6 hours a week for adolescents for recovery or motivational enhancement therapies and strategies. Level 1 encompasses organized services that may be delivered in a wide variety of settings. A detailed description of the services typically offered in this level of care can be found at, the care settings for Level 2.1 and how to identify what patients would benefit best from these services based on an ASAM dimensional needs assessment.
(info from ASAM)


  • Certified professionals
  • Friday mornings 10am -12 noon
  • Friday evenings 6:30pm – 8:30 pm
  • Saturday mornings 9am – 12noon
  • Saturday afternoons 12:30 pm – 3:30 pm
  • GA State Law requires 3 hour sessions
  • Level 1, a 6 to 12 week treatment program once a week
  • Level 2.1, a 12 week treatment program 3 x per wk 3 hours each
  • Affordable care starts at $50 per session at both levels (enrollment fee is $35.00 dollars and is non-refundable)
  • Court approved alcohol and drug abuse evaluations and treatment
  • License reinstatement for DUI and drug possession charges
  • Designed to help prevent and/or treat alcoholism and drug addiction
  • We help Attorney’s and their clients to be proactive before going to court


Written progress reports are also supplied to the appropriate court or probation office for each individual enrolled in the program.  These reports will detail information regarding attendance, drug or alcohol screens, financial responsibility, timeliness and monitored attendance at AA/NA meetings if required.

All student records, information and conversations are kept 100% confidential.



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